Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mustache Party

Some hockey friends threw a bonfire/mustache party. It was also a going away party for the hosts, Brent and Emily. There were a number of great costumes, but, unfortunately I didn't get photos of everyone. Guys had to come with mustaches and women could either come with a mustache of their own, or dressed as someone who would hang out with a guy with a mustache. I went with the 80's pornstar look...

Lars was a Professional Wrestler, with Gary as his manager. Sharon was Uncle Sam.

A raging bonfire went all night...
Brian was looking good with the gasket, while Lena brought out the tiger print. Reeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrr....

Lena and Brian looking their best for the camera.

Brent and Stephen just back from hunting, or do they always look this classy?
Lisa sporting the Mustache Rodeo shirt from an Ultimate Frizbee Tournament from a few years ago. Nice...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Clearwater Float

Denali Highway Snowmachine Trip

Ed, Kristin, and Tina decided to ski across the Denali Highway. I dropped them off in Paxon on Thursday night, then drove back up to Fairbanks. Worked on Friday, then took of early Saturday morning with Mike and Kat to snowmachine in from Cantwell to meet the skiers on their last night along the highway. We had beautiful weather and the snowmachining was great.

This is one of Ed's photos of their skiing. He said that it was some of the best skiing of his life. And Ed has done a lot of skiing. You can see from the photo that it is an amazing place and the weather was perfect all weekend.

Here's Mike just getting all ready to take off from Cantwell on Saturday. All loaded up. We had a little difficulty getting all the gear and the sleds to work, but it didn't slow us down too badly.

How do we set this thing up again?

Kat shoveling out the snow. The tent worked great, was the perfect size for 6 people, and had a little wood stove to keep us warm.

I brought my travel guitar and played a few songs. Though, it sounded pretty rough. I hadn't practiced in a really long time and I'm not such a good player anyway.

But, I did get some musical accompanyment with Kat on the bongo and then Kristin took over.

We all slept pretty cozy. Just enough space for all of us to fit in the tent. Though, Kat had to sleep alone over near the door :(

We said goodbye to the skiers after Kat made a nice breakfast. Then Mike, Kat, and I took down the camp and loaded up the snowmachines.

Then we had a nice leisurely ride back out through the beautiful countryside.