Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It is terrible, but I have begun backblogging. I am such a slacker with blogging that I have all of the summer activities to still add. I began adding things which are mixed in with other blogs now. If you scroll through, you will hopefully start to see some new ones popping up here and there.

I hope to be better at keeping up in the future. This summer was AWESOME! One of the best I've ever had. But, it was really busy and I didn't get much blogging done. So, I'm trying to fill in the holes.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ice Festival - Matanuska Glacier

The 2007 Ice Climbing Festival on the Matanuska Glacier, organized by the Mountaineering Club of Alaska, was awesome!!!!!!

Climbing without tools is supposed to make you learn to use your feet better. It is pretty hard though. You are only balancing on the ice with a few small spikes on your toes. You cannot grab anything with your hands. If you move wrong, your toe spikes can slip out of the ice.
This is the only picture I have from the bonfire. Carlene and Vlodka looking good. This photo was taken just before I went and started people off doing keg stands. Yay! There was also one of the group leaders who had their 73rd birthday party at the bonfire. Very cool. I hope I'm as active as he is when I'm his age. He looked much younger than 73 and very healthy. Very cool. Carlene had a bunch of cakes for everyone to celebrate. There must have been over 100 people.

This was me trying to do an overhang. I got up the first tricky spot here.
But, I didn't get further than here. Too difficult for me. I didn't know what to do. I'm glad I tried it though, otherwise I'd always wonder if I could have done it and what it is like to try. So, even though I didn't get it done, it was a fun attempt. I think I know better what to do next time.