Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visiting My Nephew!

My nephew is only about 1 year and 3 months old now. In the last year, I've had a chance to go visit my bro and his family in Neenah (near Appleton)three times. It's so great to be able to see them so often. My little nephew is super fun and a bit neurotic (if that's the right term?). By neurotic, I mean that when he's awake he is crazy awake and when he's asleep, he's asleep. He's so interested in everything and has so much energy. Anyway, here's a few photos of my family and Jacob (my nephew) from over the past year.

Here's my folks (John and Jean) with Jacob when he was only a few weeks old.

Jean with Jacob

Dinner time!

Bath time! Don't be fooled by the innocent sweet look. He's about to destroy something!!!!!

Jean and Jacob

Heather, Jacob, and Jean

My folks, my brother, Jacob, and I

Josh, Heather, and Jacob

Me and Jacob