Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Niuu Zealanda Berthday Potti

Lisa (from New Zealand so it's Liser) and I have the same birthday which is great cause she is awesome!!! She and Dan threw a party for the super birthday twins which was really fun. We all got really drunk on martini's (and by we, I mean me of course). Then we played a bunch of games. Lisa and Dan had a very silly game from New Zealand (go figure) where you roll a dice and if you get a 6, you have to quickly dress up as a mugger with a facemask, scarf, and thick mittens, pick up a knife and fork, then try to cut yourself a chunk of chocolate off of a chocolate bar and eat it before someone else rolls a 6. FUN!

(photo courtesy of Dea and Ben's Blog)

Here are the super birthday twins before they (I) were too drunk!

Here is the sceene for game playing. After the chocolate game, we moved on to pictionary, which was of course a violent game since we (I) were all so drunk.
Here is Lena getting serious about pictionary. Lena and Lisa were on my team and we rocked the house.

Ben, Andy, and Dea were another team, and Dea was gettin serious.

Dea gettin really serious now... Did I mention that it was Dea that got me drunk by making me martinis all night long so that she would be able to win at pictionary? Another team in high Fairbanks fasion.

The fourth and final team drawing like Picasso!
The martini's Dea made for me were very sophisticated at the beginning, but towards the end of the night, the martinis that Dea was making for me became more and more strange. Here is the final martini of the night called a "Toiletini" which had a blob of fondue chocolate in it :) (Photo courtesy of Dea and Ben's blog)


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