Monday, May 12, 2008

Here's what you've all been waiting for... Mating Lions - yea baby!

My friend and I came across these lions one morning. A male and two females. We pulled the truck up close and then climbed up through the sunroof and sat on the roofrack watching them. All of a sudden, one lioness walks across in front of the male and it's ALL ON!

We learned that lions will mate for a few days straight without eating or really doing anything else. They mate every 10 to 20 minutes!!!! So, of course, we just hung out on top of the truck drinking beers and watching the lions. Then we'd go away and look for other stuff and then come back to this same spot and they'd still be at it. It was awesome!

Here's the approach.

Here's the foreplay.

There's a lot of biting and growling, just to keep things interesting. You can kind of understand, after a few times per day, things might start to get a little on the dull side.

Oh yeah!

And the dismount. Well done!


Ed Plumb said...

oh yea--i wanna see some more!

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